TOM’s Cockpit was born on the 24th of January 2018, by an idea of Tommaso Felici, and rapidly grew, as it’s still doing, to become one of the most visited aviation/flight-simulation related blogs.

The passion and the dedication of the staff are an essential part of our activity, and the quality of our articles are the direct consequence of our commitment.

We support directly the organization “La Magia di un Respiro” that fights the cystic fibrosis each and every day.
Half of our earnings and donations are devolved to them.

How you can support us

To support our activity you may donate to this PayPal link, buy clothes and gadgets from our official store, or just visit us without AdBlock.
Please keep in mind that the half of our earnings are devolved to our partners, “La Magia di un Respiro” that fights cystic fibrosis.

Meet the Team

Tommaso Felici


Born in 2000, my passion for flight simulation and aviation had risen quickly, leading to the foundation of TOM’s Cockpit, of which I’ve been CEO until the 1st of September 2019.
Currently starting my ATPL training, based in Rome and Jerez de la Frontera.

Francesco Biondi


Despite my young age my strong passion for the aviation world lead me to take part in a number of projects for the flight simulation community. Tom’s Cockpit is for sure the best one. I’m also a real world PPL pilot training to get my frozen ATPL and this helps me a lot when doing my reviews for tom’s cockpit. Based in Catania.

Vittorio Greco


famous for the great sceneries he develops as “Aviotek Simulations Software”, and fresh of High School degree as Tommaso. He joined the staff during July 2018 to write editorials dedicated to developers.
He was the first developer to conceed an exclusive to TOM’s Cockpit organization.
Based in Venice.