To all TOM’s Cockpit readers.
We are organizing a crowd-funding campaign to help italian hospitals facing the Covid-19 outbreak.

Head towards this link to send your donations, and thank you very much for your support.

Italy has been heavily hit by the Covid-19 oubreak in the last few days, and we are still facing a very scary and hard emergency.
Although the italian health care system is performing at its best, now it’s time to show the help of all the X-Plane community, because we risk to collapse in this war.
All the donations will be collected on GoFundMe, and we will let you know, through our official accounts, when the money will be received by the hospitals.

For more informations, please stay tuned on our official accounts.
We will keep you updated about what we are realizing with all your donations.

We really appreciate your support.

Stay safe,

TOM’s Cockpit staff

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