X-Plane 11

The A-37 Dragonfly is released at x-plane.org. This is the new entry on military market and it’s interesting in the way it flies.

If you were thinking that Cessna produced only little passenger planes and business jets you are wrong. Indeed they produced also some military aircraft that are not well-known as the C172 and the Eclipse series.

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Sometimes the border line among being a top developer and being behind the biggest fraud to X-Plane users is too thin. This is what we have to expect about ATS simulations

If you came here to read about ATS there are two chances. You bought their MD82 on day one like me or you are simply snooping about their destiny. In both cases ATS team it’s a great debate engager in the X-Plane community, three simple letters can really generate a storm on social networks and forums. Continue reading What’s new about ATS simulations team

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