The recently released Scheibe SF-25C Falke from VSKYLABS is the last arrived in the growing glider’s market.

In all those years I used X-Plane I did not see anyone flying a glider, even if they are really enjoyable.

AeroBask was the first development house to release a detailed glider, the Antares 20E, and since they done it, a new market was born. Maybe you’ll never see someone gliding on IVAO or Vatsim, but with a good ZL19 tile and the right 3D scenery your afternoon will be unforgettable.

I must admit that I expected something other from VSKYLABS, they are quite revolutionary. Indeed, excluded the DC3, they released a lot of little and never seen plane, the SF-25C is they’re latest marvel entering in a still evolving market.

Let’s have a look at the x-plane.org essay introducing their plane.

The SF-25C is a motor-glider, meaning it’s the missing link between planes and gliders giving you the freedom to take-off without someone dragging you but you still can turn off your engine and pleasantly glide.

It’s one of the first aircraft built for VR, this is another side of the VSKYLABS innovative attitude, this plane really fits for VR operations in X-Plane without needing any tweak or editing, everything in the cockpit is conceived for virtual reality.

Let’s have a closer look to its feautures:

Project Main Features:

  • Advanced simulation of the Scheibe SF-25C Touring Motor Glider
  • 3D environment designed especially for X-Plane 11 native VR
  • Accurate Flight Dynamics Model
  • Highly detailed and fully animated 3D cockpit
  • Interactive presence (detailed and animated exterior to include wing flex, sprung loaded wing mounted wheels, wing spoilers, canopy, cowl flap, cockpit air vent and more)
  • Fully functional GNS 530
  • FMOD sound suite

I’d focus on the last point. noone is still underrating the importance of sounds. In the past it was believed like a marginal aspect in flight simulations, but weel done sounds contributes to a better immersion. This aircraft has its own FMOD, and the sounds are more than fantastic.

Does this plane worth 25$? The last verdict.

It depends on what you are looking for in an aircraft, and in X-Plane. This plane won’t convert liners lovers (as me) to VFR, but if you like VFR operations it just makes it more spicy and interesting.

The gliding component of this plane makes it more difficult to fly, but it’s a motivation if you find your usual operations boring.

The advice is to buy it if you have experience on VFR, and if you want to learn gliders without leaving the engine power immediately, that is an aspect you cannot underrate.

Last thing you need to think about is VR. If you use VR it’s a must have indipendently on your passion or not for VFR.

Over all it worths 25$ for how it is made. textures and virtual cockpit are amazing, and the dynamics are pretty realistic. So it really worths the money you will or will not spend.


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