The A-37 Dragonfly is released at This is the new entry on military market and it’s interesting in the way it flies.

If you were thinking that Cessna produced only little passenger planes and business jets you are wrong. Indeed they produced also some military aircraft that are not well-known as the C172 and the Eclipse series.

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JAR, unbeaten leader of the Airbus market in X-Plane until now, is preparing to compete with ToLiss and Flight Factor products with the update of the A330 that makes us feel the A340 even closer.

The busses’ market is getting busy in  these days, don’t you think? And JARDesign just wanted to confirm who leaded it in the past years, with that innovative touch byu who wants to lead this growing market also in the future with the A330 v3 in public beta and the A340 underway as the FMGS of the new A330 will be the base for the 340.

I had a chat recently with Mr Eugeny Romanov from JAR’s high floors. He explained me something about the 330 v3 that I am saying to you in this short post.

First of all let’s look at his photo, you see finally the pop-up instruments that I have ever dreamed on my JARDesign A320. As JAR reworked the code of the aircraft, using a C base instead of a SASL one, many features became possible to implement, and one of this is the pop-up displays and MCDU.

As you can see the cockpit graphic are basically the same and fantastic ones of the older versions, but my impression is that they got a refresh to a higher definition, but this is not confirmed by anyone of the team, and I can also think that PC from wich the shot was taken is actually a beast

In those years, I am a JAR customer since 2015 if I remember well, I heard lot of compliants about the MCDU. Now you have no more excuses, the MCDU was revisited and it seems more realistic to me, even in the operations. The best compliment I could heard about this new version is “It flies like a normal Airbus” and it feels great, I’d add.

Also the plugin which driven the doors and GHD operations has moved from the plugin menu in X-Plane to the MCDU’s menu, accessible by “MCDU MENU” key on the right side of the computer, and this feature alone could have convinced me to buy this aircraft… anyway the full changelog is public, but I’ll write you down here:

+ compatible with GHDeluxe v.040118
+ new MCDU MENU functions (you can operate with Ground Handling, Doors, Loading, Tow)
+ operate settings via MCDU MENU
+ separate Ground Handling operation (MCDU MENU -> Handling, next – select neeeded cars and click Drive Up)
+ MCDU movable widget (click on 3D MCDU or use Command jd/fmgs/CommandShowMcdu)
+ ND non-movable widget (click on ND)
+ Save coRoute flightplan using MCDU DATA -> Click right Arrow -> Pilots ROUTES, enter name and click SAVE
+ takeoff with heading preset
+ ND && MCDU indication and functions reworked
+ follow Speed Constraints
beta 2:
+ enter Cruise Level/TEMP as 410/-62 = CTD fixed
+ no SPD Cnstr on DEScend fixed
+ VLS is too high fixed
+ Heading knob turns with the plane during taxi fixed
+ 111.50 as ILS freq here, it tells me not in the Data base (my enter via radio panel)
+ several CTD fixed

I am going to review the v3 soon, I cannot say when I will due to the fact that I actually do not own this aircraft, but I hope to get it soon ($$ ahahah) and come back to you with more detailed impression and news. But if you want to aware me about some interesting things you can still contact me at [email protected]

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The release of the Saab 340 update seems very very near, but there are still some trubles to be solved at X-Aviation.

It’s almost there, don’t worry. I know it feels like when you wait your parents to bring you home from school and every minute last a lifetime but we are almost here.

The Saab 340A by Leading Edge Simulation is the most realistic tuboprop experience we got in X-Plane 10, but the beloved old days are gone.

Now we are in love wih reflections, PBR, metalish textures and all the technology that the 11th version implemented, and of course we pretend on the third part aircrafts too.

Honestly I always admired the Leading Edge’s behavior, they are professional enough to say when an update or a new aircraft will be released and their dedication left me wordless more than once…

I fully understand the gripes for waiting an update that is finished by weeks, but the technology behind what you see in the simulator is not as simple as you can think…

These are the words that Cameron, the boss of X-Aviation, recently spent about the delay of the release that will bring this aircraft to an upper level while waiting for v2 development (a brand new aircraft with VR goodies):”It’s not so much that the installers in general are a nightmare, but the backstory is that the Saab installer was originally coded in 2013 and at the time was our most advanced installer code to leverage some attempted load balancing on the server, as well as keeping track of file differences and updates. At the time it seemed like a great idea, but in reality it was a terrible idea that I didn’t see coming as time progressed. Keeping track of all these variants and the file updates between them, as well as the many gigabytes of data became tedious in the way the installer is coded, and it caused headaches not only for distribution, but also for people like Goran when we would discover some files were not properly updated between variants at update release times.

Over the years new installer formats have been developed because of this. Products like IXEG, the MU-2, and pretty much any other recent release contains the more up-to-date installer routines. The Saab needs some love to move to this system so we can future proof release delays going forward on it. At the moment it’s not top priority over a couple of other projects that are first in line, but as soon as those are out of the way the focus will switch to this and bringing it all up to speed. We need to leverage our time spent on projects appropriately to balance business cash flow for all involved. We’ll get there, just not yet.”

After this clear explaination, the question is still “How much from now to release?”. Well, we are almost there. I cannot say for sure how much, but it’s difficult that the release will not be in February. It’s not “imminent” as someone other said weeks ago, but it’s near.

To keep the blog active an support the team you can donate to the link in the footer section. HALF of the donations are devolved to Lega Italiana Fibrosi Cistica against cystic fibrosis. Thanks for support!

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The recently released Scheibe SF-25C Falke from VSKYLABS is the last arrived in the growing glider’s market.

In all those years I used X-Plane I did not see anyone flying a glider, even if they are really enjoyable.

AeroBask was the first development house to release a detailed glider, the Antares 20E, and since they done it, a new market was born. Maybe you’ll never see someone gliding on IVAO or Vatsim, but with a good ZL19 tile and the right 3D scenery your afternoon will be unforgettable.

I must admit that I expected something other from VSKYLABS, they are quite revolutionary. Indeed, excluded the DC3, they released a lot of little and never seen plane, the SF-25C is they’re latest marvel entering in a still evolving market.

Let’s have a look at the essay introducing their plane.

The SF-25C is a motor-glider, meaning it’s the missing link between planes and gliders giving you the freedom to take-off without someone dragging you but you still can turn off your engine and pleasantly glide.

It’s one of the first aircraft built for VR, this is another side of the VSKYLABS innovative attitude, this plane really fits for VR operations in X-Plane without needing any tweak or editing, everything in the cockpit is conceived for virtual reality.

Let’s have a closer look to its feautures:

Project Main Features:

  • Advanced simulation of the Scheibe SF-25C Touring Motor Glider
  • 3D environment designed especially for X-Plane 11 native VR
  • Accurate Flight Dynamics Model
  • Highly detailed and fully animated 3D cockpit
  • Interactive presence (detailed and animated exterior to include wing flex, sprung loaded wing mounted wheels, wing spoilers, canopy, cowl flap, cockpit air vent and more)
  • Fully functional GNS 530
  • FMOD sound suite

I’d focus on the last point. noone is still underrating the importance of sounds. In the past it was believed like a marginal aspect in flight simulations, but weel done sounds contributes to a better immersion. This aircraft has its own FMOD, and the sounds are more than fantastic.

Does this plane worth 25$? The last verdict.

It depends on what you are looking for in an aircraft, and in X-Plane. This plane won’t convert liners lovers (as me) to VFR, but if you like VFR operations it just makes it more spicy and interesting.

The gliding component of this plane makes it more difficult to fly, but it’s a motivation if you find your usual operations boring.

The advice is to buy it if you have experience on VFR, and if you want to learn gliders without leaving the engine power immediately, that is an aspect you cannot underrate.

Last thing you need to think about is VR. If you use VR it’s a must have indipendently on your passion or not for VFR.

Over all it worths 25$ for how it is made. textures and virtual cockpit are amazing, and the dynamics are pretty realistic. So it really worths the money you will or will not spend.


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