A new update about the release of this aircraft. It confirms the software issues experienced at  X-Aviation.

As we said some time ago and as well known from the users, the Saab 340 by Leading Edge Simulation is finished and it’s waiting in a dusty hangar to be released.


LES team decided to give an official update directly on their own facebook group by commenting under a post.

This actually confirms a software issue that X-Aviation and Gizmo experienced and, hopefully, fixed. The new and interesting fact is that we actually have a confirmed release schedule.

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The release of the Saab 340 update seems very very near, but there are still some trubles to be solved at X-Aviation.

It’s almost there, don’t worry. I know it feels like when you wait your parents to bring you home from school and every minute last a lifetime but we are almost here.

The Saab 340A by Leading Edge Simulation is the most realistic tuboprop experience we got in X-Plane 10, but the beloved old days are gone.

Now we are in love wih reflections, PBR, metalish textures and all the technology that the 11th version implemented, and of course we pretend on the third part aircrafts too.

Honestly I always admired the Leading Edge’s behavior, they are professional enough to say when an update or a new aircraft will be released and their dedication left me wordless more than once…

I fully understand the gripes for waiting an update that is finished by weeks, but the technology behind what you see in the simulator is not as simple as you can think…

These are the words that Cameron, the boss of X-Aviation, recently spent about the delay of the release that will bring this aircraft to an upper level while waiting for v2 development (a brand new aircraft with VR goodies):”It’s not so much that the installers in general are a nightmare, but the backstory is that the Saab installer was originally coded in 2013 and at the time was our most advanced installer code to leverage some attempted load balancing on the server, as well as keeping track of file differences and updates. At the time it seemed like a great idea, but in reality it was a terrible idea that I didn’t see coming as time progressed. Keeping track of all these variants and the file updates between them, as well as the many gigabytes of data became tedious in the way the installer is coded, and it caused headaches not only for distribution, but also for people like Goran when we would discover some files were not properly updated between variants at update release times.

Over the years new installer formats have been developed because of this. Products like IXEG, the MU-2, and pretty much any other recent release contains the more up-to-date installer routines. The Saab needs some love to move to this system so we can future proof release delays going forward on it. At the moment it’s not top priority over a couple of other projects that are first in line, but as soon as those are out of the way the focus will switch to this and bringing it all up to speed. We need to leverage our time spent on projects appropriately to balance business cash flow for all involved. We’ll get there, just not yet.”

After this clear explaination, the question is still “How much from now to release?”. Well, we are almost there. I cannot say for sure how much, but it’s difficult that the release will not be in February. It’s not “imminent” as someone other said weeks ago, but it’s near.

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