About Us

TOM’s Cockpit is a blog managed by three people: Tommaso Felici, Francesco Biondi and Vittorio Greco.

Tommaso Felici is the CEO and founder of the site, that started its activity on the 24th of January 2018.

Francesco Biondi and Vittorio Greco joined the organization almost six months later to ehnance the quality of the articles and of the site itself.

As you perfectly understood the official language of the site is English in order to reach the majority of X-Plane users and real aviation enthusiasts.

How you can support us

To support our activity you may donate to this PayPal link, buy clothes and gadgets from our official store, or just visit us without AdBlock.
Please keep in mind that the half of our earnings are devolved to our partners, “La Magia di un Respiro” that fights cystic fibrosis.

The STAFF (maybe CREW would be cooler, but that’s it)

Tommaso Felici: CEO, founder and only member until July 2018. He just obtained the High School scientific degree, now studying to attend FTE Jerez.
Usually shortened in Tom or Tommy, He’s a known member of the X-Plane community for wich he founded this blog.
Based in Rome.


Vittorio Greco: famous for the great sceneries he develops as “Aviotek Simulations Software”, and fresh of High School degree as Tommaso. He joined the staff during July 2018 to write editorials dedicated to developers.
He was  the first developer to conceed an exclusive to TOM’s Cockpit organization.
Based in Venezia.

Francesco Biondi: great webmaster, he worked on the new site as well as he do on his editorials “The VA’s world” and “Technical Stuffs”.
Well known to Tommaso Felici as they founded X-Italy Virtual Airlines.
Based in Catania.

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