• TOM’s Cockpit will never ask for ANY money to whoever asks for free advertisement space in our site.
  • There is no way that our custom banners can use your location or any data about your pc. They are simple .png graphics with a link.
  • For other ads that may be present on the site please refer to our cookie policy.

As said, the custom advertisement service is totally free, but there are some requirements:

  • This service is dedicated to developers and partners. Except the charity organizations that have a partnership agreement with us, there is no way to promote who doesn’t work in the X-Plane world.
  • P3D/FSX developers are welcome, but they will be selected. The priority is given to X-Plane developers

TOM’s Cockpit will ask no money, but we would like you to conceed us one of the following agreements:

  • Coupon codes for our visitors (5 or 10 percent on the total price. Only for individual sellers, not for developers who sell in general stores)
  • Exclusive early access on one or more products to review them on the site
  • Exclusive w.i.p. shots to publish on the site

If the option you conceeded is no more available (for example it’s not possible to use coupons anymore) we are available to discuss a new agreement, we won’t shut down your banner easily!

Once you have accepted you must send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following requirements:

  • Subject: “Advertising space confirmation for (developers name)”
  • Text: “(developer name) agrees to be advertised on tomscockpit.com giving in change (option chosen) for (time, at leat 6 months or more). (Date) and (developers site/fb page url to be linked via banner).
    (developer name) is aware that tomscockpit.com will ask no money and agrees with the Custom Ads policy as published on the site today”
  • Attachements: Development house logo

Before you confirm the ad space, you should send an e-mail to [email protected] to discuss conditions, banner aspect and more.