X-Plane 11

Video out on TOM’s Cockpit official channel showing a landing in Sarajevo airport, as you can see it was… terrible



I focused way more on following the steep path and on touching down at the right point to have space to stop my roll out instead on a soft landing. The result is a terrible (super hard) landing, but on the centerline and with 400 ft of runway left after braking, not bad I guess.

It’s my first time in Sarajevo, I had the idea to fly to this airport while watching landing/take off operations at the real airport, and it’s so cool to see aircrafts taking off and landing in only one direction to avoid the dangerous mountains southbound. This time I added a detailed wingview with a sweet glass effect. Check it out!

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Rome landscape is underway at FRHDesign, the Eternal City has finally found someone who’ll take care of.

I’ve been hoping for someone to represent my city in X-Plane in the best way and I hoped for FRHDesign by Fabio Hidalgo since He made Madrid.

This is the very first shot of Rome UHD project that will be coming soon in your X-Plane directories. Still no ETA but we’ll engage Fabio as much as we can to let you have the best news.

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A new update about the release of this aircraft. It confirms the software issues experienced at  X-Aviation.

As we said some time ago and as well known from the users, the Saab 340 by Leading Edge Simulation is finished and it’s waiting in a dusty hangar to be released.


LES team decided to give an official update directly on their own facebook group by commenting under a post.

This actually confirms a software issue that X-Aviation and Gizmo experienced and, hopefully, fixed. The new and interesting fact is that we actually have a confirmed release schedule.

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