Another week report out, that means that other two weeks are gone… and today it’s exactly 3 months since I’ve landed in Jerez.
It actually seems yesterday that I’ve started this training, and tomorrow I’ll finish the General Navigation lessons.

Many little things happened in the last two weeks, but only a few are really good to mention.

First, of course, the visit to A320 simulator that the school uses for MCC/JOC towards the conclusion of the training.
It’s not a full motion sim, but it doesn’t matter, it was really cool.

Actually we didn’t have the chance to fly it, it was really just a 20 minutes visit to see the advanced instruments (glass cockpit) we’ve been studying during the course.
Actually I had the occasion to “teach” Airbus MCP logic to my Instrumentation instructor who never flew on such a digitalized plane.

I respect him, because he had flown on the DC-3, that makes him quite a good pilot in terms of manual flying… But if you happen to know the “Slower Older Smarter” tale, you’ll realize that, in certain occasions, it might be better to fly an Airbus.
Trying to be brief, it’s a story about a pilot of a fighter plane that makes lots of stunts with his plane while an airline captain, in the same time, can leave the cockpit and get, among the other things, a date with a flight attendants in a five stars hotel, while the plane was flying perfectly under auto-pilot control.

Now, as he says, the DC-3 involved a lot of manual control, so it was actually slow and, apparently, he had very few chances to leave the cockpit.
That’s a possible reason for the cookie’s obsession (for us, normal people, cookie is p**sy).

Jokes aside, it was fantastic to have a lesson in the sim, because even though it’s not the real thing, it has still a better EFIS than the cockpit graphics on paper.

Concerning the rest of the training, nothing really worth to mention, except that, as I’ve said, at least three out of eight subjects are going to finish before Christmas.
Some instructors are also giving us huge worksheets before we leave. They’ll remain in Jerez, I’m not going to occupy space in my bag with worksheets.

Or, maybe, I could bring them with me just to let my relatives see that I’m a serious guy who’s studying hard.
Wait, it’s the truth actually, but if my aunt sees the worksheets, she might not want to ask about graduations, stories, girlfriend… Italian reader will get what I mean.
It’s like spending 4 hours in front of the police officer who’s interrogating you, doesn’t matter if you’re smartly trying to avoid more questions, he will always ask.

Anyway, moving on, Christmas is coming, as you should already know and as I’ve just said. .
And I’ve discovered that there are people who doesn’t celebrate Christmas Eve’s dinner with Christmas Day’s lunch, they have a normal dinner on the 24th and the traditional lunch on the 25th.
That’s so depressing… I imagine them eating chicken and salad in front of the news on tv.

Even more depressing than having all the meals in a school canteen, also because FTE’s one is going to serve a special Christmas menu next Sunday.
It’s gonna be my first Christmas dinner here, but I guess that the special menu will feature chicken and fries. It’s as sure as that a lot of modified quotes from this post are going to be in tomorrow’s instruments lesson.

“Gentlemen and Gianmario” (don’t worry, you’ll get what I mean at a certain time), that was my report for the last two weeks.
See you at home in 9 days, hopefully!

Ugly-but-cheap Christmas decorations in my room

Quote of the week:”you really love someone when, to see him/her happy, you would even be ready to die of sadness”.

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