Drzewiecki Design working on Sheremetyevo v2

After 5 years, one of the most popular airports developed by Drzewiecki Design, is getting an update soon.
Indeed the well-known developer has announced the beginning of the development of the new version of Moscow Sheremetyevo.

The update will include almost any sort of improvement possible with X-Plane 11, including new lighting, interiors of the various buildings, new ground polygons and much more.

V2 will feature everything that has changed since the initial release of this extremely popular 2014 product and bring the whole project to the new level; we plan to develop completely new ground poly, much more detailed buildings with interiors, new lighting, new terminals on the North side, much more complex surrounding area, new static aircraft… generally speaking everything that you would expect from a modern 64-bit scenery, although 32-bit platforms compatibility will be achieved as well.

The official post from DD’s Facebook page

At the moment the only pictures available are of the Terminal E’s roof, meaning that the development is currently in its early stages and we can’t expect the release in a few time.

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