MWP Projects releases True Shadows

It seems like we’re living a period full of new enhancement plugins and package, like RealView and the Airport Layout Enhancement Systems.

Another one, really interesting, is True Shadows by MWP Projects.

This plugin aims to portray realistic and smooth shadows even on low-end computers, so that the very low quality X-Plane’s shadows will not be a problem for a lot of users.

And that group of users includes myself, indeed I preferred to fly without shadows when I was on a low-end machines.

This is the list of features (the plugin is VR compatible):

Key features:
Custom realistic shadows display system
High quality shadows in cockpit
High quality shadows outside the aircraft
Gorgeous shadows quality from buildings, objects, airports, etc.
Improved cloud shadows
Increased range of shadows from trees, objects, etc.
Custom system of protection in plugin
Compatible with other atmospheric addons
VR Compatible
Windows only at this time

This add-on is really easy to install and it turns on automatically when you start the simulator, this is a good feature!

MWP also provided the users with a live comparison on different pictures, you might want to check them out here.
If this product already convinced you then you can buy it for less than 16$ here.

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