HighSkyTech’s RealView

The developers of xAmbience recently released a new product to improve the user’s experience: RealView.

Following the announcement of XPRealistic v2 a new competitor has come in the market, and it seems really good.

With Realview, flights through the clouds will never be  the same …
Flying in turbulence will increase difficulties. Flights on fighters aircraft will be unforgettable. 
You will enjoy the effects of vibration during operation of the turbo prop, the spoilers, gears, as well as many new effects that before you could not watch.

This product is compatible with all aircraft. Comes with some ready-made presets 

Fully custom camera engine
Smooth camera movement 
Horizon hold mode
Pitch hold mode 
Roll hold mode 
G-Force implementation
G-Force camera shaking
Camera response to the runway surface
Camera response to landing gear
Camera response to flaps extension
Camera response to gear extension
Camera response to speed brakes extension
Camera response to STALL
Camera response to OVERSPEED
Camera response to longitudinal overload
Camera response to side overload
Overloads implementation
Custom Sound Engine
Custom thunder sounds
Custom turbulence sounds 
Custom fire sounds 
Custom stall sounds 
Custom engine vibration effect
Touchdown effect 
Easy adjustable interface 
Ability to make custom preset
TrackIR compatibility 
Synchronization with XP Replay 
ASXP and other weather engines supported
Modern UI with 3 pages and dark theme

The product is available for only $24.95 at x-plane.org store

Update: as stated by the developer RealView is not actually compatible with VR, but it is going to be in the upcoming updates

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