Iconic planes.

If there’s a thing I’ve learnt through these years, is that the X-Plane world is strange. Very strange, in many good and bad ways. 

By that time we should have understood that the payware market has growth a lot, and nowadays the most of you are flying payware models, something that wasn’t that diffused until four or five years ago, or at least there wasn’t a lot of choice, only a few good planes. 

The ironic thing is that the most diffused add-ons were actually modern planes such as the A320, the Boeing 777, the Boeing 757 and so on… Even the 787 sold a lot. 

Well, more or less that’s still the case, but the old planes are drawing a lot of attention. 

It’s so difficult to find someone who doesn’t own a Boeing 737-200, a Maddog, a 737 Classic, or it’s not hyped for the coming soon MD-11. 

Vintage planes. Iconic planes.

The recent release of the Concorde by Colimata, that I hope to have the pleasure to try and review, has confirmed this trend. 
Everyone’s going crazy for the most famous supersonic plane of all time. 

I don’t criticize this attitude and I tell you that even a young member (Although it’s my 10thyears of experience in X-Plane) like me is really interested in those old models. 

But I’ve asked myself: now that we are living the launch of brand-new planes like the A220 (or CS300, as you like), wouldn’t be cool if the developers started “building” them?

I understand that, for any developer, it’s easier to generate interest around an iconic plane, something that introduces by itself, because after all the developers must sell. 
It’s fine that the users are more hyped for a Concorde than for a Boeing 717, you can’t defeat history.

What I’m trying to say, and I hope it’s understandable, is that those planes are good, but we need, at the same time, newer machines and technologies. 
A Boeing 787, a final update for the A350, an Airbus A380 and so on, would be a more than nice addition to our simulator. 

It’s a challenge for the developers, but it’s a step to climb in order to create new systems and technologies that would push the limit of the simulator further. 

That said I am the first person who’s excited for the MD-11 and the Concorde, because it’s something that doesn’t belong to my age, it’s like having the opportunity to jump on a time-machine. 
But I am also looking on the other simulators, such as Prepar 3D, and its users have the chance to take a ride with the Boeing 787 and the 717 among the others.

Is that another point of the simulator’s war? Maybe yes, but it’s a matter of choice. If I wished to fly a Boeing 747 or a 777, I’d choose Prepar 3D.

I won’t use other simulators, because I love the flight dynamics of X-Plane, wouldn’t a 787 love them too?

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