TOM’s Cockpit airbridge

It was about time to organize a good event to bring fun and challenge to the community.
So we are delivering a special airbridge!

The event will take place on the 6th of April between 19 and 21 zulu (21-23 CET+1).
This is an airbridge, that means that you will have to fly inbound and outbound the designed airports.

We start at Fiumicino and for the first leg we will fly to Florence Peretola, be careful because this airport features a challenging short runway and you may not use aicraft bigger than an A319 (be sure you have Florence Kit installed).

Once you arrive in Peretola you fly back to Rome with the same aircraft, everything under radar control.

We are organizing this event on IVAO, so you must be registered to the network in order to join.

See you 🙂

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