Carenado’s Cessna 172 G1000, our review!

I’ve to admit that I wasn’t too conviced about this release. Let’s be sincere: there is already a default C172 with G1000, and with REP it get’s even better. Who wants to spend 32,95 dollars on another C172 that potentially adds nothing to the existing one? The answer is me, after having tried the product. This Carenado C172 fixes and adds all the stuffs that are missing in the default one. Starting with a really stunning 3d modeling both external and internal, this product will make you feel in the real plane 100 times more that the default one. Something I’ve noticed and that I really like is also the reworked and more powerful backlighting of the buttons and instruments, it’s so gorgeous!

Some clouds and the right lights will highlight the beautiful reflections.

Also the G1000 rendition is not directly the one from Laminar, but was modified, as we can notice instantly from reworked 3d model and animations and from a lot of additional different factors. One of them are colors: after trying this plane I had some serious problems using the pure default G1000 when compared with this one, that just is looking 1000 times more realistic. Sounds are another part of this aircraft that I liked a lot. They are way more realistic than the default ones and will have their important role in making you fell in the real aircraft, as I said before.

Cockpit design and colors of both textures and G1000 screens are just amazing.

But I know it’s not all about graphic. From the flight model point of view we can say that it flies a lot better than the default aircraft and it will satisfy even the most advanced pilot. Of course when compared with REP’s C172 expansion it lacks some very useful and realistic features that you can get with this expansion pack. To be honest if you decide to use that combination you will miss the C172 by Carenado, that’s the reason why I think that the Carenado C172 plus the REP would be the winning combination. That would give x-plane’s users the ultimate C172 that could meet both graphic, flight model, and advanced maintenance features.

As you may have noticed this review is little bit different from our classical ones, but it was needed for such a particular product that comes in an already busy market.

But won’t leave you without our votes!

From the graphical point of view it’s mandatory to give this addon a great 9.5/10.

Looking at the flight model and system realism it will get it right with a very good 7.5/10 mark.

Sounds are just a amazing as any other Carenado product and deserves an 8.5/10

Manuals and Documentation are as always complete and easy to read. It’s an 8/10

For an overall mark of 8/10.

You can find more about this product here.

Special thanks to Carenado and  for providing us this review copy.  I would like to ensure that even if we’re thankful to Carenado, this review it’s not influenced by this. If you don’t believe us, grab it yourself!

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