Exclusive: La Habana project important updates

La Habana is coming to X-Plane slowly, but the job done is superb. More shots and news in exclusive for you.

Do you remember La Habana project?
A few people are making a massive job to bring to our favourite simulator the most realistic scenery for La Habana, the main city of Cuba.

We have some important updates and shots, of course, to tell you.

First of all we acknowledged that the third person of the team developing the add-on left the team, now Ignacio Garcia and Rainier Paneque are keeping up the job alone.
Their former mate may be about to share fake or updated pictures and this may damage them, so I remember that his is an exclusive for us and no other people except Ignacio and Rainier are sharing official material.

The work, anyway is going very well and they released a few more shots for TOM’s Cockpit readers:

As you can see they are progressing really well and the amount of work done by now it’s really significant, especially with the night textures of the skyscrapers and buildings.
Anyway no release date was announced, and it’s fairly hard to guess one because many components may influence this.

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