Extended night lighting coming to X-Plane

The new freeware set of packages that increases the draw distance of the night lighting is coming.

Following the criticism concerning the night lighting rendering in X-Plane, a new expansion is being released for free at x-plane.org forums.

Alongside the existence of the payware add-on Night XP (that doesn’t look good at all for the most of customers like me), the night lighting is a great theme of discussion through the community.
First of all because a lot of people is used to fly at night, and then because the rendering provided by Laminar is good, but still not comparable to realistic standards on not high end machines.

I guess this is the reason why utd4life is releasing lots of packages for each country of Extended Night Lighting. This add-on allows to increase the draw distance of night lighting compared to the deafult rendering.
And it’s meant to don’t cause any fps loss.

Hello all,

A thing that I have always wanted to improve in XP is the draw distance of the night lighting. I am pleased to announce I have been able to do this without hindering the FPS!

I know some other users in the community have done this also for certain areas in America, but I wanted to start upon Europe. So far I have done Switzerland and France, with the rest of Europe planning to be released in the near future.

The installation of the packages (Switzerand, France, Spain and Portugal, Germany, Austria and Italy coming tonight or tomorrow) is very simple:


– Unzip the file and coy the SWISS_EXT folder and paste it into your x-plane/custom scenery folder.
– Ensure the SWISS_EXT is placed below addon airports and above Ortho4XP scenery – if Using X-Organiser I place it in the ‘Regional Scenery’ Section

To use this mod it’s recommended the usage of TK Light mod by Tom Knudsen.

Follow up the development and release here.

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