xAmbience releasing in 24 hours, maybe?

It was planned for the 28th of November 2018, now it will be released in 24 hours as developers announce on x-plane.org

Do you remember xAmbience? It was a trending topic as the release was fixed and announced for the 28th of November 2018, then the beta stage was extended and we had no news about the release.

Now the developers announced that their environment plugin is just about to be released in 24 hours with the following features:

-Custom clouds with many rendering logic and blending
-Custom atmosphere rendering
-Water system rendering
-Advanced plugin controls
-20+ sliders for control full x-plane global sphere.
-Simulate true visibility effects and haze effects
Seasonal ground textures with advanced auto-change mode.

-Custom cloud draw
-Advanced controls
-Cloud lightning model, depends at real weather situation and time.
-Custom cloud shadow system with realistic effects
-Custom cloud formation.
-10 cloud texture solutions with automatic install in plugin
2 Rendering types: Detailed, Simple.
-Cloud illumination from ground lights

-Custom visibility rendering
-Advanced atmosphere rendering
-Algorithmic Sky rendering model with custom controls
-Sphere saturation control
-16 sky colors with custom lightning effects
-Advanced fog implementation with 3d effects
-Sky city lights effects

-Custom water rendering model with effects, 3d waves and lightness
-Mist on water effects
-Custom wave amplitude model
-Advanced settings

Custom lightness
-Custom post processing effects
-Custom cockpit shadow effects with immersive effects
-Shadow intensity controls
-Seasons implementation
-Snow effects

It will cost $34.99 and it will be fully compatible with Active Sky, that we just reviewed, and FSGRW.

Read the full announcement and join the conversation here.


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