FlyJSim announces Q400 major update

A brand new Q400 is coming from FlyJSim after the 737 and 727 major updates, and it’s really an unexpected announcement

There was a lot of movement in FlyJSim‘s house for the new 737-200 and 727 package, released some time ago.
After a brief quiet period, we are staring at another great announcement again: the “Q4XP“, a brand new Q400, maybe in competition with the Q300 developed by Skyline.

That’s the official announcement:

Hello everyone! Since the beginning of time, the FlyJSim fandom have asked only one vital question…

“Is there Q400 update?”

We can finally say “Yes, we heard you, and we listened.” It is with great pleasure that we announce our next aircraft. The ‘FlyJSim Q4XP’ is in development, and we look forward to providing the X-Plane community with our new rendition of the iconic and beloved turboprop. This will be a fairly significant departure from our previous Q400 offering and will exceed the standards seen in our existing aircraft. As such the naming convention has been changed for this product.

Aircraft development is a lengthy process, and we stress that the images shown are in early development. Fans familiar with FlyJSim know that by following our social media groups, or by following the developers on Twitch, we will provide an open and transparent dialogue by which you can watch us develop the aircraft.

Jack (3D Modelling and Systems/Texturing) –
Valdudes (Texturing) –
Justin (Systems) –

Q. When is the release?
A. There is no release date for the aircraft, and won’t be for a considerable amount of time. When we have further information, we’ll be sure to let you know on our social media pages.

Q. Will it be compatible with X-Plane 10?
A. Unfortunately no. As of our recent series line-up, all our aircraft are X-Plane 11 only, due to the advancements in technology of the sim, and the rendering engine.

Q. Will it be VR compatible?
A. Yes, the Q4XP will be fully VR ready.

Q. Will you be using the X-Plane 11 default FMC?
A. Not at all, there will be a custom coded navigation system.

That’s all we have to share with you at this moment. Don’t forget to follow us on either Facebook, Twitter, Discord or the Pilots Group to obtain new and upcoming information about our products and the Q4XP. We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday!

The most interesting part is the custom FMC that is a new entry in the FlyJSim’s world, since the 737 inplemented XFMC.

All we have to do now is watch and wait, as the release doesn’t seem to be near.

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