AeroBask’s DA-62 review

The top notch of AeroBask analyzed and reviewed by TOM’s Cockpit. A really surprising plane to fly or just to see. Bring one in your hangar soon!

The Diamond DA62 is a five to seven seat, twin-engined light aircraft produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries and is powered by two Austro AE300 diesel engines burning Jet-A fuel.

The AeroBask model comes with the US seating configuration, so the aircraft can carry up to seven people and has a MTOW of 2,300kgs

Testing this aircraft wasn’t an easy task and required some extra time, as this aircraft is equipped with G1000 that makes it suitable for advanced IFR.

Before we go deeper we have to remind that the G1000 is from Laminar Research and wasn’t coded by AeroBask.

Flight Model and systems

From the flight model point the aircraft flies smoothly and is easy to be kept stable by trimming the aircraft. I’ve also tried some emergencies such as a single engine failure and expected performances were met. Also, stalls were performed correctly but I couldn’t manage to make the aircraft spin but it’s not due to flight model inaccuracy, some aircrafts just can’t.

But now let’s concentrate on my preferred usage of this aircraft: IFR.

It’s perfect if you want to fly IFR, it will allow to fly each procedure manually with VOR and DME but will also allow you to set up the G1000 flight plane with SIDs, STARs, and also Airways and perform a “liner-style” flight with the autopilot in NAV and VNAV (or ALT V/S FLC) and just enjoy the flight. This ability can be very useful if you are preforming flight with FSEchonomy where you need great pax/cargo capacity, full autopilot and preferably G1000 at a reasonable price, making this aircraft perfect for this commercial usage.

Of course, I’ve tried many manual procedures and they were correctly performed thanks to clear and easy to use G1000 HSI and DME indications. But I’ve also performed a lot of procedures automatically flown by the G1000 autopilot and they were executed as expected.

I’ve to admit that even if I’m not a big fan of the G1000 in this aircraft it’s very useful and the custom developments of AeroBask makes it nearly perfect. It’s not up to Aerobask, that has also done some modifications to the default G1000 to make the engine information match the real aircraft ones.

I found the oxygen feature of the aircraft very important for IFR flying as it will allow you to use all the ceiling altitude this aircraft is capable of.

Another feature I loved is the fully functional circuit breaker panel with the ability to make them pop up randomly at different levels that can be selected in the well-structured menu, making this aircraft perfect for advanced training (CPL/IR/MEP). One note: G1000 is reflecting failed instruments deactivated by circuit breaker thanks to AeroBask custom coding.

Back-up systems and Elec system, fuel system with engine start up procedures all seems to be faithfully reproduced.

Flight model and systems mark: 9/10


As of 3D modelling and texturing I’ve been really amazed.

Interior 3D modelling is very accurate and well-designed but with a particular attention to FPS that aren’t low as I would expect from a such beautifully designed plane. Seats 3D and texturing are just amazing, it’s impressive how realistic and beautiful they look!

Another thing that I instantly noticed are liveries: they are just incredible. Aerobask succeeded to recreate the metallic coloring that is something I’ve never seen on X-Plane.

Design mark: 10/10


Sounds are another thing I found very realistic. From the engine sound to every detail sound seemed very realistic to me except the engine sound in the cabin that was too loud for a Diamond as of real experiences on the aircraft. But later I found that sounds can be set with the microphone and headphone jacks giving you the ability to make you hear the exact same sound as if you have headphones on with engines running. Just mental.

Sounds mark: 9/10


Real flight manual is not provided, but the manual is comprehensive and gives you anything you need to know to fly the aircraft smoothly.

I would add that is pretty difficult to find real documentation for Diamond planes, as they are still not so diffused or known. So, in this particular case, it’s okay to not have the real manual.

Documentation mark: 8/10


AeroBask is well known for the level of detail and dedication that they put in their jobs, but this aircraft is really surprising and, maybe, a bit too underrated as not everyone know that this is their top notch.

It’s a particular plane to fly because, despite the few seats, it’s fast and can fly really high, making the DA-62 the perfect compromise between a regional turboprop and a business plane. And, as stated, is perfect for commercial usage.

The marks obtained in the various sections shows how much this add-on is a faithful simulation that cannot miss in your personal hangar.

Final mark: 9/10



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