Did you choose your flight school?

Following the presence of Tommaso Felici and Francesco Biondi at the Pilot Careers Live in Rome almost a month ago, here’s there are some advices to start your ATPL training

Is there anything better than a relaxing walk in Rome on a cool Saturday morning? Well, as long as you want to become a professional pilot, there is a better alternative: visit the Pilot Careers Live in Rome.
This important event has come to its third edition in Rome (all attended at the Sheraton hotel and conference center), and it’s always very very busy.

For that reason the staff of TOM’s Cockpit that joined the event arrived very early to get fresh news by the most important schools in the european panorama: CAE, L3 Aviation Academy, European Flight Academy and FTE Jerez.

Speaking honestly these four schools gives you a very high hope of working in an airline as you finish your training (some schools also before starting).

CAE (integrated ATPL or Cadet programs)

One of the best schools in Europe, achieving an extraordinary rate of placement, especially in EasyJet, Vueling and Volotea (other partners are featuring Ryanair, DHL, CityJet, British Airways and more)

Why choose CAE? Apart from the high quality training standards the availability of multiple ground schools in Europe and of high level simulators makes CAE one of the most busy and famous schools

Why choose something else? The price of the training is high and the selection process is hard and payware (£350 to join an assessment). Plus the flight training is done in Phoenix. No accomodation included in the price.

L3 Aviation Academy (integrated ATPL or cadet programs)

L3 is offering a wide range of cadet programs,  but there is one really interesting. As long as you have a PP licence you can get directly to a Wizz Air’s seat. This program is one of the most successfull in Europe, guaranteing a good rate of placement.

Why choose L3? The training has no interruption, as you end your ground school you are ready to start the flight phase. The assessments are free and there is a ground school in Bergamo for italian speakers.

Why choose something else? The accomodation in Portugal is included only for the first eigth months of training.

European Flight Academy (Integrated ATPL with Lufthansa Training)

Lufthansa, one word that means more than a warranty. EFA is nothing but their dedicated training center offering the possibility to work for Lufthansa or any other airline in their group once you begin the training.

Why choose EFA? The training cost is really low and the school is offering various possibilities to finance the price. The job is guaranteed by Lufthansa. Flight training in Goodway or in other USA towns: the academy is paying trasportation and medical insurance.

Why choose something else? After all it’s a “one way” school: you start with Lufthansa and you and with them, no way to get on other companies once training is finished, this not always as good as it seems. The assessments are incredibly hard to pass.

FTE Jerez (Integrated ATPL)

The FTEJerez is for sure the one of which we know more about for two main reasons: Tommaso joined and passed the assessment there (more info in this old post), and Mr. Alex Padina spent really a lot of time talking about their training methods at the event.

Why choose FTE? The price is fair and it includes accomodation and 3 meals at day (with snacks and hot drinks available at very low price). The training is done campus-style in a very friendly environnment that you can visit, for free, by contacting the staff. The assessment diffculty level is fair, it’s free to join and they are done in 3 days with special hotel rates and local transportation provided by the school. The training level is high and there are many cadet programs available, even after passing the assessments as self-sponsored with good scores.

Why choose something elseSince the training is intensive the school is always full and busy. New accomodations are going to be build, but in the meanwhile, the wait is long.

Of course, a brief guide cannot substitute a personal chat with the school staff or a visit to their environment, but that’s just to give you an idea of what are the strong and weak points of each school.
Plus, if you are interested in knowing more about the life you are going to live before joining your training, stay tuned for our special editorial!

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