xAmbience releasing tomorrow

A new weather ehnancement package is ready to take its part on a really busy market, just before Active Sky XP

Yet another promising weather ehnancement package, waiting for the imminent Active Sky, is ready to release.
We are talking about xAmbience, from High Sky Tech, that promises a really pleasant experience.

Let’s read what features it will have from v1:

Cloud features:
• Cloud draw system with draw special conditions
• Cloud direct draw system
• 16+ forms with adaptive change system
• Cloud flow system
• In cloud effects (turbulence, shake, precip)
• HDR lightness system (direct, ambient) depends at altitude, sun light pitch degress, sky light and e.t.c.

Atmosphere features:
• Atmosphere rendering system with custom lightness model (direct, ambient).
• Atmosphere colors depends at real weather conditions.
• Calculative sky with custom logic depends at real weather situation, air density, temperature and e.t.c.
• Fog, mist, haze effect calculative and adjustable.
• Precip effects.
• Shadow draw system.
• No performance impacts, unlike other addons.
• 16+ custom sky colors for early condition and calculative tones.
• Sky raleigh depends at weather conditions, clouds situation, altitude and more..
• Custom atmosphere rendering model.
• Calculative mie scattering effects, depends at weather condition, altitude and more..
• HDR lightness system (direct, ambient) depends at altitude, sun light pitch degress, sky light and e.t.c.

Lights features:
• Custom lights draw system with XP11 lightness model.
Lights can be flashed, have effects at haze, visibility aspects and more..
• Custom effects at rain, fog and e.t.c.

Water features:
• Custom wave draw system
• Wave draw system depends at real weather situation, sky colors, precip, storms, and e.t.c
• Wave can be adjustable
• Custom sun glitter logic
• Fully wave rendering model, like as real

Other features:
• Ground seasons system, change system depends at real weather situation, also, supports custom scenery (for custom scenery, need scenery developers support).
• Custom rain puddles draw system (for custom scenery need scenery developers support)
• Road textures in HD with snow, rain, and other effects
• Plugin configurator with more sliders, settings, presets, and adaptive presets load system.
• AdvaptiveSelect™ – You can setup preset system. For example, xAmbience will automatic apply first preset at night, but preset second at day.

Alongside this list, there are some other W.I.P. functions that will enrich “the most powerful application for X-Plane ever!”

W.I.P. features:
• Weather download data with engine draw (finished, but need setup. Will be unlocked in 1.0.1 version)
• Particle snow (1.1)
• Particle rain (1.1)
• AdvancedFlow (Cloud flow, fog flow and e.t.c)

The initial price will be $32,95.  Will you go for it or wait other add-ons?

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