Skyline Simulation’s Terni review

Reviewing the most trendy and detailed little airport in Italy, and one of the coolest in the european panorama of X-Plane. Ladies and Gentlemen, the latest work from Skyline Simulations!

The scenery, developed and released by our friends at Skyline Simulations, had a good success after release.
And this is curious, because Terni is not such a busy airport, it doesn’t even exist on IVAO database. But let’s get through this.

To review this scenery I planned and flew my very first VFR flight in almost 6 years of X-Plane experience.
It’s been a very good time, especially because I really wanted to overfly Terni. And also thanks to the GTN750 that guided me when I got lost through the ‘Appennini’.


As you see when you buy the scenery, it features a lot of realistic (and real) buildings, faithfully placed on the high definition photoreal tile.

One thing I noticed (and sent to Skyline), is that some buidings’ LOD is way too low. For example, the giant Terni’s steelworks, that can contain 3 airports more or less, is not visible as it should in the distance.
Many auto generated buildings in the further cities, sometimes, are visible, while Terni’s ones are not.

I trust the developers will fix that issue in the next update.

As you land in the airport, you cannot avoid to notice the absolute quality of the asphalt textures of the apron and the runway, it gives such a satisfaction  to the eye, and it even makes your landing/take-off way more realistic and interesting.

The next thing you are going to notice is the 3D grass. It’s stunning!
If you ask: it isn’t animated, but the way it’s placed and modeled is outstanding, even if it’s not rare to find airport with a cute 3D grass, this is really beautiful.

The airport itself is very detailed, and it feautures all the facilities and textures as the real one. I think that Skyline has someone in Terni that provided such a good raw material, otherwise it would have been impossible to achieve this level of detail.

The same goes for the city, it doesn’t only simulate the most important visual references for flight operations: the whole city and power lines are actually portrayed!

Design mark: 9.5/10


I know what you are thinking: a scenery with a very detailed airport and the whole city modeled, the 3D grass and high resolution textures cannot be light on frames.

You are actually wrong, everything is optimized in a perfect way, I did not experience any loss of framerate in 5 flights in and outbound the ‘Aviosuperficie Leonardi’

That’s a great point for the developer!

Performances mark: 10/10


The scenery comes with the city, the airport, a patch for Ortho4XP tiles and a useful documentation, containing also a very very useful map that shows the approach and departure procedures out of the airport.
This is because Terni is considered as an “aviosuperficie“, that means that there aren’t reference on official  VFR maps.

So, without the great documentation provided by Skyline, you won’t be able to fly in Terni. At least if you haven’t got a sport licence which allow you to find the right charts.

Package mark: 9/10


This is not a scenery for the whole community. You need to like and practice VFR flight with the right costance to enjoy this scenery.
Plus, there is the really cool feature to customize the hangars with your own name or logo (to know how, just contact Skyline Simulations even through the facebook page)

The price is very low, compared to what you get for real, and to other scenery that offer less detail and amount of work for more.

If you don’t fly with light props, then it’s not the right scenery for you. But look at me, I am an IFR/Jet fan, I still enjoyed this scenery very much!

Final mark: 9.5/10

Skyline Simulations provided us with a review copy, but this didn’t influence our judgement, of course. You can check buying your copy here.






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