Milviz T310R ready for release

Milviz became famous for their in-development ATR72, but they are ready to release theT310R.

The T310R comes in a very busy market. This shows the clear intention of the developer to compete with Carenado, Alabeo and the others, famous for they GAs.

The feature list of this product is rich, and promise really well.

Attention to Detail

We’ve focused all of our energy and talent into breathing life into a genuine classic. From careful, highly detailed modeling both inside and out, smooth custom gauge animations, finely crafted textures and high fidelity sounds recorded from a real aircraft, we’ve ensured that our twin is as close as possible to real life.

Designed for X-Plane 11

  • Optimized for X-Plane 11 engine and handling behavior
  • Inclusion of PBR materials and textures
  • Advanced FMOD sounds inside and out

High Quality Textures & Modeling

  • Physical Based Rendering (PBR) materials and textures for superb real-time reflections and shine
  • Exterior and interior rendered with exacting detail and precision
  • High resolution, beautiful textures with realistic weathering effects
  • Smoothly animated parts inside and out

Realistic Simulation of the T310R

  • Behaviour designed to closely simulate the real world
  • Authentic turbo performance and handling
  • Realistic fuel load and tank capacities
  • Realistic weight & balance

Advanced Autopilot System

  • Autopilot mimics real world behaviour, requiring hands-on operation
  • Simulation of VOR station ‘Cone of Confusion’ when approaching VOR station, requiring monitoring and switching from NAV to HDG to maintain proper course
  • Authentic servo behavior reflecting realistic speed and accuracy

GPS Configuration Options

  • FPS friendly X-Plane GNS 530 & GNS 430 included by default
  • Includes support for RealityXP’s GTN 750* & 650* integrated into the 3D cockpit
    (* RealityXP products not included; may not be available for all operating systems.)

Custom Aircraft Panel

  • In-game menu panel allows for display of ground elements, switching liveries and changing the GPS displays

It’s important to highline the rain effect represented implementing the Saso Kiselkov’s plugin.

As released, it will be available here

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