Unpopular opinion: if Zibo was a payware developer

Welcome to a new series of what it’s intend to be constructive nonconformism contrasting the popular opinions diffused in our wide community: if Zibo was a payware developer.

Zibo is maybe the most appreciated developer, his dedication and skills are outstanding, and he is almost capable to deliver one or more updates everyday. How about if he was a commercial developer?

First of all he would have been very unlucky.
Because building a fully custom 3D model out of nothing it’s a very hard work, and it takes a massive amount of time and resources.

After all it’s not a secret that the modeling part is very very long and not so exciting.

So, even though Laminar’s model is not a top notch, it’s kind of appropriate to be edited and graphically improved without many resources, and it takes less time compared to building a one from zero.

The other main difference between Zibo and a payware models developer is the organization.
Indeed the commercial developers have many internal and external cooperators, so that the testing period can be reasonably short and more accurated instead of having only one person testing every single version. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Well, Zibo doesn’t own a software house. Of course he has his own cooperators, but the reason of the quick, important and many updates is that you are the tester. And of course you have to appreciate what it’s coming freeware from hard work, being always constructive!
There is a reason why his topic is maybe the most followed and busy one during the whole x-plane.org history.

We have to consider that, since he can’t earn money from his project, he has the critical and great freedom to collaborate with other freeware developers, taking advantage of their works (of it’s reciprocal) implementing complex features like the terrain radar in a few hours/days, instead of writing the whole code, testing and releasing (cutting time on more critical features and to real life of course).

The result is that, even if a developer is a developer, payware developers are more free so, at the end of the day, they can rationalize time better than commercial ones.
If you think about it, that’s the heart of the matter.

As long as you are talented, skilled, dedicated as Zibo is, and you cannot or don’t want to earn money (except donations) you can deliver your product in a shorter time.

I hope that gives an answer to the users who say “payware developers should learn from Zibo“.
They are simply “different” developers, dealing with different regulations.

Nevertheless, many commercial developers should take a bit of the Zibo’s dedication to bring updates and new feature costantly.
For example, do you know where is the IXEG team? Their last update is from ages ago and their model still lacks some needed features.

Beside a team who worked for years, there is the unforgettable and unforgivable case of the A.T.S. MD80. Their attempt to blame on Rotate (who brought a good MD-80 to X-Plane) was one of the worst pages of the X-Plane history. So bad that my land became famous for a few scammers.

That said, I hope we agree that Zibo is a great man and a true top developer who provided us a lot of fun flying his realistic (and payware level) Boeing 737-800, giving a new dignity to freeware/defaults products.

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