Did we miss the Thunderbolt?

It’s been a very long and rich of hapening and news week in the community, but did we miss or underrated the release of a particular plane?

First of all I am sorry for my recent absence, it was not a really desired one, but it was necessary to have some rest after some problems I’m not going to tell.

Anyway it’s been a week full of happenings: the recent release of Brussels, of the TBM900 and the awaited announcement of the 767 extended are only some of the important news we had this week.

But we definitely underrated or missed one: the P-47N Thunderbolt.

I agree with who says it’s not the kind of plane that can break the market, but the interest in the old military planes is recently growing by the release of very high-end products.

Indeed the Thunderbolt it’s a true piece of quality, with many features and a good graphic work, that confirms this plane as a very good one to start flying as back in the not good old days of the WWII.

By visiting its product page you can read a very brief (but detailed) description of the real plane:

The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, nicknamed ‘The Jug’, was renowned by Allied Pilots as one of the best Fighter-Bombers of World War 2. The predecessor to the legendary A-10 Thunderbolt, the P-47N can dish out as much punishment as it could take, comfortable engaging both ground targets as well as engaging in air-to-air dogfighting at 30,000+ ft.
Notorious for its large, heavy airframe, the P-47N is driven by the awesome power of the Pratt & Whitney 18 Cylinder R-2800-77 Double Wasp Radial Engine, capable of putting out 2800+ Horsepower and reaching altitudes of up to 43,000ft thanks to the ingenious supercharger design.
The P-47N Model is the ultimate iteration of the Thunderbolt, featuring: Wings Lengthened by 18” and clipped to improve roll rate, Increased Combat Payload, Significantly increased flight range and a General Electric Autopilot System.

Then it’s up to a very rich feature list:

HD, Professional Quality 3D Modelling & Artwork
  • Detailed 4K PBR Textures
  • Faithful 3D Model, Markings & Decals – down to the last rivet!
  • 4 Included Liveries – USAF Olive Standard, The Historical ‘Dottie Mae’, Tarheel Mal & ‘2 Big 2 Heavy’, along with a Professional Quality Paint Kit for custom liveries
  • Accurate & Detailed Animations of all moving parts inside & outside the cockpit
  • Complete Interior, Exterior & Recognition Lighting
Professional, Accurate FMOD Sound Design
  • 40+ Custom Sounds to bring the P-47 to Life
  • Full FMOD Integration for a dynamic & reactive Audio Soundscape
  • Realistic 3D Spatial Audio & Distance Attenuation
  • Faithful recreation of the P&W R-2800 Double Wasp Radial Engine
Realistic, Complex Engine & FlightModel Simulation
  • Code-based simulation of the Double-Wasp Engine to capture the nuances and behaviour of the real engine
  • Complete Engine Modelling, including realistic Supercharger & Water Injection systems
  • Complete Engine Operational Limits modelling with custom failures & realistic damage behaviour
  • Flight Model Performance tested & tuned using real-life test data for a truly authentic flight
  • Realistic, Code-Driven Engine Start Simulation that is dynamically affected by factors such as Weather & Temperature to capture the quirks & difficulties of starting the massive 2800 HP Radial Engine.
Complete Systems Modelling
  • General Electric Type G-1 Installation Automatic Pilot – custom coded to truly capture the unique quirks of the P-47N Autopilot System
  • AN/ARA 8  Homing Adapter (ADF) – Unique audio based homing navigation system, accurately modelled
  • Realistic Fuel systems & Behaviour – including 3 Optional External Tanks and accurate fuel transfer behaviour
  • VHF Radio – Manual Tuning Capability
  • Functional K-14 Gunsight
  • Functional Guns – 8x .50 Cal Browning Machine Guns (Wing-Mounted)
  • AN/APS-13 Tail Warning Radar
Additional Features
  • 3D External Pilot Model
  • Optional Pop-out Garmin 430 GPS
  • VR Optimized Manipulators

This plane is a really good addition into your own hangar, considering that the price is not that high (I personally think that that the TBM900 just applied a new standard to single engine aircrafts, even though that is different…).
As always, if you fancy something new, what about an air fight as a brave top gun?

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