CremonaSoft A310 first impressions

It’s the first day on the market for this uncommon plane that divided the X-Plane community. Our first impressions

Personal tastes cannot be discussed, and that happens also with the CremonaSoft A310, a project that doesn’t totally meet the public’s favor.
We decided to support a really promising project, buying a copy of this bird and I cannot fully blame on who says that this plane doesn’t worth the price.

As you access the 3D cockpit, the first thing you notice is the clamorous poorness of the textures, it really feels like flying a very old model like Hager’s buses, even though the frame rate is reasonable…

I’ve nevere flown on the real plane, pretty obvious that I know almost nothing either, so I decided to take a look at the manuals, they are well done and detailed, but honestly, it’s too hard to find the informations you need to begin, for example how to use the MCDU, not definitely a secondary thing…

I was really angry with the way the developers organized things that I realized I didn’t look the external model.
If you remember how most of the planes looked before implementing PBR on X-Plane 11, well that’s what you find.

Plus, you can find no detail like rivets and similar. Really disappointing, but it’s okay after all.

I saw planes looking not good (like the first versions of the ToLiss A319) that flew really well. The A310 is not a top-notch (cannot even think they will increase a price that is already high!), but it flies smoothly, and the performance are pretty realistic, at the condition you fly it manually, as there is no way to simulate an IFR, a true shame!

Sounds and systems are almost like what you would expect after reading the previous lines, plus you cannot act on ADIRU selector. In my opinion it’s a very disappointing thing since I care about the realism guaranteed by that system. The rest of the systems is pretty well simulated, of course if you forgive the lack of any NAV system, of the TCAS, and of realistic Vertical Navigation modes…

To tell the truth, my opinion is divided as the community.
The project is promising, and of course this first version shows its real W.I.P.” style like the Magknight 787.

But the price is just too high, because, today, this plane is comparable to planes which price is around 35-40$, for sure it doesn’t worth 50$… Imagine if it was sold at 60$ as in the future.

I hope to see a quick update roadmap to bring this model to the level it deserves. By now it’s like a marble block: it has a great potential, but need a talented and dedicated sculptor.

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