There is a girl between us and the JD340!

French friends will say “cherchez la femme“, the girl that is right between us and the JARDesign’s 340!

It’s a revolutionary thing to implement in an add-on, honestly. But it’s taking a bit more than what JAR team expected. And it’s a girl. A female copilot, indeed.

She can understand what you say, and will help you going through the checklist following the SOP, as said by Evgeny Romanov (JARDesign CEO) on the official facebook group.

Honestly I was expecting a cool new feature from a developer who always improved his skills, and pushed the X-Plane boundaries further (remember the great JD320 3D model made with a lot of polygons less than the Hager’s one).

Every thing has a bad side and, unfortunately, that’s one of the reasons behind the late release of the JD340, which will not come in 2018 as confirmed by Romanov in the same post:

Looks like not 2018. We absolutely need do some things with 330 and 320 before. Need a time for this.

Will you fly with her, or with the male copilot?

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  1. MajorLeon43 7 October, 2018 @ 13:50

    I’m a bit fed up with this. It’s not a bad feature but nobody asked for it. They should invest the time they spend on this useless feature in the development of the actual plane. imo at least

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