Zibo Updater in public beta

X-Updater, STMA updater and many more for payware planes available: now also the zibo mod features its updater!

I know, sometimes it’s pretty annoying to update the 737-800 manually, especially because you have to save liveries, custom textures, preferences…

Most of developers solved this problem by implementing an updater plugin that allows to download and install the update in the easiest way possible, like you do with X-Plane itself. Perhaps the most famous is the X-Updater from FlightFactor.

We have this option also for the freeware Zibo’s 737, that is updated really often, and many users fly with the outdated version to save some time.

The Zibo Updater works like a normal auto-updater plugin, but it’s been developed for the most famous freeware plane of the world. Take a look here.

The page provides a really detailed tutorial on how to use the plugin, while I still advise to create another backup folder manually. 1GB it’s not a lot of space as long as you can be fully sure to keep your Zibo safe as the Updater is running in public beta

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