xVision add-on – First Impressions

Testing out the quite new environment plugin for X-Plane 11 called xVision. If you are looking for a brand new X-Plane without loosing FPS, well this is definitively for you!



This August xVision team brought to x-plane their plugin, that was free for X-Plane 11.25, that promises a new looking x-plane by modifying textures and shaders of x-plane.

I’ve decided to try it out during my flight tests for the reviews of Tom’s Cockpit and have to admit that the results are just incredible with loosing a much a 2 FPS.

When I installed it with the Impressive solution provided in the package I nearly recognized x-plane. I can’t actually believe an add-on (that isn’t a plugin) can change x-plane so much, better then xEnviro (in my opinion) and without all the xenviro’s annoying issues like fps drop, etc…

The add-on comes not as a plugin like xEnviro or other common solutions but as a windows software. It will back up your x-plane files that will be modified and then will let you install one of the included solutions or you can create and install your own. So it’s clear that the software actually permanently modifies some x-plane files and textures so that you have the same tweak applied even if you restart x-plane. The best part of this software, as said, is the possibility to be plugin free, as you can freely choice between normal solutions and Lua-free solutions.

In all this good news and stunning visuals there is a black hole. This plugin might be partially not functional after X-Plane 10.30 release, as laminar research is going to change all the art part of the simulator, stating on their blog that they don’t like that shaders are being touched. Let me say that Laminar Research is wrong as a beautiful plugin like this can only improve x-plane user experience and so there is no reason to deny support to those plugins and dev teams.

Anyway I would recommend you to buy this plugin, but be aware of the X-Plane 11.30 problem if you decide to buy. For this reason a proper review will be out only after X-Plane 11.30.

You can find more details at xVision Website

I would like to thank the nice xVision team for providing us the press copy and for bringing to x-plane a so beautiful add-on. Just to clarify, this article has not been influenced in any way by providing us a review copy. This plugin is truly gorgeous and will stay in my simulator as long as Laminar will allow to.

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