Developers in action: It’s all about planning

One,  or maybe the most important one, of the secrets to become a faamous and good developer: planning.

Every now and then I receive messages from other young developers that decided to test their skills in the development industry, and they usually ask me what’s the most important thing to have success and to make a good product. 

You may think that it’s all about 3D models and textures, and that it’s just a matter of combining these two things to get a cool and realistic addon. I would say that it’s not actually true.

If you have a good selection of textures (usually available for free on CG websites) and you are good at modeling doesn’t mean you are professional artist: this means you have all the right ingredients to make a good job, but what makes the real difference is timeline planning.

It might seem easy to plan a development work, but believe me, it’s one of the hardest part when it comes to addon development. This skill is very subjective, so unfortunately you cannot learn it on the internet or by reading books and manuals, it’s something you have to learn by yourself, trying to find what fits best for you.

It’s not easy, after 5 years spent as developers I can assure you that sometimes I still have some difficulties planning my pipeline for my projects. The planning skill is usually refined day after day, and in my opinion is the most important skill in a developer. There’s no way I would prefer to work with a very talented developer which has no idea what planning means instead of a young but very well organized developer.

So guys, if you are wondering what’s the secret ingredient for a good project, invest your time on learning how to plan before anything else.

That’s it from Vittorio!

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