My experience at FTEJerez

I don’t want only to tell my experience at the campus, but to help you getting prepared for the assessment as well

It’s really a pleasure to sit in front of my own pc and write again for you guys.
I hope you’re all doing good.
This post was meant as a “TOM’s Cockpit’s space“, but actually is outside of our palinsest, anyway it’s a good chance to write about my experience at FTEJerez assessment event.

First of all I’d like to send a giant “thank you” to all the people I met at the campus, especially to the school’s staff I was in contact with, who supported me and answered my questions even before I applied for the assessments!

The assessments

Without esitation I’d start telling.
I arrived at the FTE the 5th of September (well, I had an organized tour on the 29th of August) at 16:30.
I took a sit at the reception, then I walked to the “social club” where the staff offered us a drink and gave us the welcome letter.

The first afternoon was spent in meeting and knowing all the candidates in order to start a little relationship between us.
This is critical also for the group exercise we attended on the third day, but I’ll tell about it later.

At almost 7:30 p.m. we had our dinner at the school canteen. There are a lot of italian mothertongues trainees. Even though I spoke english as much as I could, it was useful to exchange advices with people who speak my same language.

The second day was dedicated to the theoretical tests.
I came at the campus at 8 a.m. more or less and attended the computer based assessments.
The first test I toke (you can choose the order) was Verbal Reasoning.

After that I toke numeracy, maths and physics and numerical reasoning. You can prepare for maths and numerical reasoning both on latest pilot jobs. For physics I’d recommend only the official preparation guide that FTE provides.

Later we spent 30 minutes of spare time before joining another room where there was laptops, joysticks and usb numpads: time for the pilapt!

First test of the pilapt is the “square and circle”.
You are dealing with three guys on the monitor, displayed in various positions.
A female voice will tell you “positive left square” or “negative right circle” or other combinations. Your goal is to say how much guys respect the condition given in a short time.

Second test was the pattern test. You have to recognize a particular form in two patterns and answer if it’s present or not.

Then it was time for the flight director test. Your goal is to keep horizontal and vertical bars centered by using a joystick, like flying an ILS approach.
Don’t think it’s easy, because it was the trickiest test I toke.
Last test was my best: you had to fly the aircraft (represented by a cross) into determined squares.

After lunch I met Jacopo at the reception who told me that I passed all the theoretical exams, and so I was allowed to come back and attend the sim trial, group exercise and personal interview on the third day.

The latter began with a lot of fun. I was sitting on the left seat of a 737-800 simulator at Gatwick. I flown the whole pattern manually and it was really a dream coming true!
The sim is not full motion, but it was built using a real 737 nose and it features shaking effects. It was just too realistic compared to what we get in our desktop simulations.

After some night landings and a CAT III approach I attended the group exercise.
I was sitting in a room with 4 english mothertongues and I was a little bit afraid that I couldn’t fully understand them, viceversa the outcome was really good.
The goal is to show good teamwork skills, without talking above the others or don’t talk at all. The staff who’s watching you won’t consider if you find a solution to the situation you’re dealing with (like: your plane crashed in the desert and the closest city is 100km away, bring 5 out of 10 possible things with you), instead they will focus on your team work.

After lunch I had my personal interview.
I was too nervous but luckily the interviewer made me feel alright and the 40 minutes just flown away.

My advice is to buy the subscription at because it was really useful for me to test my skills. It provides all the test you will be attending at the school, but physics test and verbal reasoning are way different between the officials.
That’s why you would need to complete the official preparation guide that FTEJerez provides here. It’s fundamental!

My experience

I am really surprised about the campus itself.
Everything it’s just outside your accomodation and you save a lot of time that will be just crucial during training.

The aircrafts are in a perfect state and the maintenance is run by the school at the airport facility.

All the people you’ll meet will be calm and available, believe me.
I sent lots of mail and sms to know more about the school even before thinking about the application and I always got a polite answer.

If you’re european, consider to take a visit at the Pilot Carrers Live at Rome in November, because they (and me) will be present and glad to tell you about the school.

Last but not least, I passed the assessment exams, and since my result was above the average I will have to choose if train as self-sponsored or attend other selections with partner airlines for a cadet programme.


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  1. Alfredo 12 September, 2018 @ 08:34

    Penso sia una Bellissima esperienza. simulatore737-800 immersivo semplicemente magnifico.

    • Tommaso Felici

      Tommaso Felici 14 September, 2018 @ 20:44

      Si, devo dire che è un’esperienza, al di là del risultato, da provare.
      Onestamente lo stress quasi non l’ho percepito perché l’ambiente è magnifico.
      Il sim è ottimo, peccato non sia full motion, ma già rende X-Plane/P3D qualcosa di neanche comparabile…
      Ciao Alfredo!

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