First officer script for Boeing 757/767 from Blocks Off

Blocks Off is developing another first officer script for Boeing 757/767 extended version that will be released soon

The first officer script for IXEG 737 has been one of the trending topics for the users of the Classic.
Now, after that release and some modifications, the script for the 757 and 767 is almost ready to be released.

Thanks to Carl, the developer, I had the chance to test the script, and I must say I am really satisfied about it.

The script works the same as the “twin” developed for IXEG, it requires FlyWithLua and some actions to trigger the actions that are to be done from the add-on.
The only thing I find a bit unrealistic is that you should turn off and on seatbelt sign before take off and after to engage the first officer, but that’s the best solution to get the script working.

I appreciate a lot the fact that this script reduces the workload on the pilot and it really helps to be focused and fly more manually instead of getting to engaged with switches and levers as in the real thing

The script will be released very soon by Blocks Off at, I won’t anticipate more, but I aim to review the script completely really soon (before release) after testing with the -300.

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