La Habana by AeroCuba Virtual W.I.P

La Habana as you didn’t see before. Except you’ve been lucky enough to spend some time there. Still a Work In Progress from AeroCuba Virtual

First of all I’d like to thank Ignacio Garcia and Reynier Paneque from AeroCuba virtual that shared with me this pictures, videos and informations about their project: La Habana.

The scenery will feauture the capital of Cuba as close as possible, no news about the possibility to feauture also the international airport.
Indeed Ignacio, in our pleasant chat, informed me that all the buildings nearby the most important places of the city are modeled and textured as real as it gets.
The other buildings are based on the usual Cuba’s houses, in order to give the most realistic impression possible to the scenery.

I selected some pics to show you (others in the next posts) about this really outstanding project.

If you’ve never been in La Habana, you can compare the scenery with these real pics

No object is from rare custom libraries to ensure the best compatibility to all the customers. Plus Ignacio and Reynier said that his main goal is to achieve good performance, so that AeroCuba Virtual will work a lot on the optimization.

Actually, only the 10% of the before release it’s done. That means you’ll have to wait some time, but I will keep you update.

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