The VAs world: vEZY, “The world most famous orange virtual airline”

Ever wanted to take your flight simulation a step forward by joining a virtual airline? And maybe you found out that there are a lot of virtual airlines but could not decide which one better met your needs? This article can help you choosing! Let’s discover together the world’s most famous orange VA.

The Virtual Airlines world, now a days, is very big and there are plenty of companies to choose from. Some of them are real based (they try to recreate the real operations of a real airline), while others are created from the fantasy of the authors, with custom fleets and route networks. It isn’t easy to find the right VA for our needs but isn’t impossible. We’ll try to help you in doing so!

Today we’ll discover vEZY a virtual airline born some years ago from the creators of the VAMSYS system (the one actually used by the VA itself) and that today does 2000 flight bookings and 1000 PIREPS a day.

As said before this is only one of the many virtual airlines based on vamsys, a cloud hosted solution for the management of the company, that is currently one of the most advanced and powerful systems for doing so. For this reason some of the features of this virtual airline can be found also on the other ones hosted by the same provider.

But let’s go and discover some of the features of this virtual airline! 

First of all it’s important to remember that vEZY tries to simulate the real EasyJet, so has the same fleet (as of today A319, A320, A320neo, A321neo) and route network, which you can find a screenshot below.

In their try to simulate the real operations we have to admit that they are one of the most accurate, in fact almost every bookable flight has a precise route already planned that is up to date and often valid for CFMU validation. In the details of your booking you will also find other stunning details, such us some ground operational information like stands and ground handler used (screenshot below) as well as the real flight number and ATC callsign used for that flight.

In the booking page you also have some other options such as the weather briefing and the ability to:

  • Change the Callsign for that flight with one of your choice.
  • Change the aircraft randomly assigned with one of your choice (a list of the real aircrafts used by EasyJet will pop-up, so that you can also choose by registration).
  • Stream on Twitch your flight.
  • Change Pax and Cargo data for your flight.
  • Pre-file the flight plane in the VATSIM network.
  • Generate a SimBrief Operational Flight Plane automatically.
  • Submit a manual PIREP (only hours will be counted, limitations applied).
  • Change the pre-calculated flight level with one of your choice.

All those features are obliviously cool but aren’t exclusive of vEZY, as said, and can be found in the other VAMSYS airlines. But there is one feature that can’t be found anywhere else and is the Ask Captain X section of the website. In this page you will be able to read some common questions and answers about flight techniques and other made by simmers to a real EasyJet First Officer. You will also be able to ask your own doubt or question to Captain X in the box! Isn’t it awesome?

But the features aren’t finished, in fact in the document section you will find some very useful and well written documents such as the company SOP for the Airbus family and achecklist.

Plus, when flying with vEZY you will be able to follow their beautiful events and focus airports, and to fly with friends, also with shared cockpit, and get some extra points.


What to say more? If this is not the perfect Virtual Airline, for sure is one of the most realistic.

And they will not require any entry exam or minimum monthly flying hours. You are free to fly whenever you want, but you have to fly the aircraft in the right way. In fact, point penalizations and/or PIREP reject are applied for bad aircraft conduct as -600fpm or more landing (if you are not good at landing you will better improve) or Stall/Overspeed and other (Refer to PIREPS point manual) and they are very strict in this.


What are you waiting for? Register today and try out yourself all the features listed and discover many more!


A side note to this article and series. We are not sponsored by vEZY (or any other VA) to write this article and we don’t get any advantage if you register, this is just my opinion about the virtual airline that I’ve chosen to fly for.

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