Boeing 737 Checklist application

Now also Android users can download and use a wonderful utility as the one developed for iOS. Let’s discover them on Google Play and Apple Store.

For every 737 pilot it’s important to follow a good and detailed checklist, as that plane is more complicated than others.

But, after all, many paper annoy you if you don’t want to tidy up your home cockpit often.
Of course, with the new technologies, it’s easy to find digital checklists, let’s see the new one just released for the Android users:

It’s not simply a checklist, but it provides more feautures that can be helpful, and graphically it’s simple and clean.

It’s not way different than the one for iOS you can find here, even if the developer is not the same person.
But, once again, iOS users may take advantage of the fact that there are many more available for other planes (from the same devs you can check: 777’s, A320’s, Q400’s, 747’s and many more, from regional jets to the simple C172). And it’s totally free, no ads.

Both the apps are pretty light on the memory, but the Android one is only 5 MB against the 30 of the iOS application. Not a big deal for users plenty of gigabytes!

So, what are you waiting for? Download and save on paper and ink!

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