Blocks off’s IXEG First Officer script

A new .lua script that reduces the workload of the pilot flying, simulating the actions that a first officer does in the real thing.

IXEG‘s 737 Classic, such an enjoyable and well done aircraft.
But it misses something, don’t you think?

I’m not talking about wingflex or FMC feautures that will come in the future, but something that regards the immersion that this product provides, like speed callouts or operations that are done by a first officer on board.

Well, there are some payware plugins that are useful like Multi Crew Experience, but they are not specific for the IXEG 737.

In the last few days Carl Beeby (aka “Blocks off“) released a new plugin that simulates what the right side pilot does in the real flights.
I bet you want to know how it works.

Actually it’s just a .lua script that can be used with FlyWithLua, a versatile utility that almost every virtual pilot uses.
The installation is equivalent to the other lua scripts you use, and the operations are done almost automatically, you only need to activate the plugin before you start up the aircraft.

For further I’d leave the pen directly to the official manual you can find here with the script.
And, in the end, I’ll leave here the official video that describes what the script does and why it was written.

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