Developers in action: FlyJSim 727, a step in the right direction for many

FlyJSim development attitudes are a good inspiration for many others, as the new 727 suggests.

Yes, maybe customers do not appreciate the payware updates so much, but the development politics of FlyJSim should be adopted by many developers.

Today is the day that many of you were waiting for.
I bet you were anxious to grab your yokes and fly the brand new Boeing 727 by FlyJSim. I could win some moneys right now.

But I also bet another part of users won’t really spend their money again on a plane they own.
You haven’t to be offended, but it’s not the plane you own that is releasing today.

Indeed, FlyJSim’s attitude is clear. He concentrates on his products and make them better day after day, without focusing only on new projects.
Some years ago, lots of JARDesign’s customers, were complaining about the release of a more detailed aircraft (A330) and the lack of updates for their older A320 that is still a different plane.

Developers are prepared about the fact that every decision they take will generate complains from their customer, but we are not afraid to choose our politics when it comes to start new project or to return on the older ones. After all, developing is different from marketing.

FlyJSim, nonetheless, succeded in drawing a lot of attention and potential customers on his new Boeing 727, and don’t betray the expectations of the returning customers that wished for a brand new plane, not only an update.
And, as the 737-200 was a more advanced simulation, he toke the 727 a level above with the maintenance feauture.

The other developers shouldn’t be afraid of restarting a project if there are new standards or they acquired better skills. Faithful users will only appreciate the work you have done in both the older and the newer version.

But remember, especially if you are a new developer: introducing a simple update as a new add-on will destroy your reputation. And you can understand why.

So, if you have in mind to restart a project you already completed, you have to be sure that you can do it way better than before, and be a good seller as well.
Nowadays, also the X-Plane market gave a lot of importance on social networks and the messages they bring, so be totally sure that you can catch as many customer you can.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s needed to start and deliver new add-ons. And I think that FlyJSim won’t rebuild his 727 for the fourth time, maybe we’ll have a new plane in the next months.

Unfortunately Vittorio Greco couldn’t write this editorial as he’s enjoying his holidays. He’ll come back soon.


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