FRHDesign Santiago De Chile 3D and Chapelco Neuquen

The new porjects of FRHDesign, the famous designer of cities for X-Plane 10 & 11: Santiago De Chile and Aeropuerto Chapelco Neuquen

After completing Roma, not many days ago, Fabio Hidalgo (aka FRHDesign) started publishing images regarding Santiago De Chile.

As always he modeled as real as possible the most famous cities of Chile’s capitol city.
Just as he did with Madrid, Barcellona, and so on.

This time he is working, in the meantime, also on the Chapelco Neuquen airport in Argentina, that seems a really hard work to complete both.
And the airport is very detailed too.

Santiago De Chile in development

Talking about Santiago, the project is very recent, but as Fabio is very talented, he already produced a lot of custom buildings.
I personally think he’ll release it way before September.

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