EXCLUSIVE: Dubai from Aviotek

Many times we had the possibility to deal with some shots from the latest work of art from Aviotek, but this time, the pics you’ll see are only for TOM’s Cockpit.

Firstly, I’d like to thank, it’s never enough, Vittorio Greco (Aviotek’s CEO) that conceeded us the exclusive of his Dubai scenery since months and, now, joint TOM’s Cockpit team as writer of article that concern about add-on development.

As we always known, Dubai toke away a lot of energies and time to Aviotek, that’s why we always appreciated to see pics of their sceneries and test them too.
Obviously, Vittorio will spend a lot of time also optimizing this amazing scenery (wich also feautures an exclusive edited mesh to allow airport veichles to run down through the tunnels) ensuring the best possible performance. You can confirm if you own Skiathos or Venice.

For example all the veichles you see are built in the less polygons possible, even if they seem so detailed. That’s definitely cool!

Come back next week for other exclusive pics!

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