Zibo Copilot, share the cockpit with your PC

There are many people who find the realistic procedures boring and too long.
Indeed they are, since they are must be performend by both the pilots in the cockpit.

In our beloved simulator there’s the possibility to share the cockpit, using external plug-ins, with your mates.
That’s, in my opinion, the best way to use X-Plane as you can behave with your “colleague” like a pair of real pilots.

Of course that’s not always possible because our friends are not fully available, and sometimes we are not able to fly with them too.

And here comes SeaRoll from x-plane.org forum (and X-Plane powerful SDK) to give us a hand.

Indeed SeaRoll developed an useful utility to be used with the default (or Zibo’s mod) Boeing 737-800: “Zibo Copilot”.
Even if the plug-in doesn’t follow the real sequence of operations as instructed in the FCOM, it helps many single pilots who feels a bit bored and tired when starting-up their Boeing.

Powerup Procedures:

  • Battery ON
  • Standby Power ON
  • Irs ALIGN

Preflight Procedures:

  • Yaw Damper ON
  • Fuel Pumps ALL ON
  • Cab Util and IFE Pass ON
  • Emergency Lights ON
  • Seatbelt AUTO
  • Smoking AUTO
  • Window Heat ON
  • Electric Pumps ON
  • Trim air ON
  • Both Pack UP
  • Isolation Valve OPEN
  • Bleed and APU Bleed ON
  • Position, Logo, Anti Collision ON
  • Fuel Flow RESET
  • Autobrake RTO


Before Taxi Procedures:

  • Engine Generators ON
  • Engine Start Switches CONT
  • APU & APU Bleed OFF
  • Packs AUTO
  • Isolation Valve AUTO
  • Probe Heat ON
  • Flaps 5

Before Takeoff Procedures:

  • Position Lights BLINK
  • Wing Lights ON (so the automated takeoff sound is playing)
  • Transponder TA/RA

Cleanup Procedures:

  • Position Lights STEADY
  • APU Start
  • Wing Lights OFF
  • Speed brake OFF
  • Flaps UP
  • Transponder STDBY

Shutdown Procedures:

  • APU Gen ON & Engine CUTOFF

  • Yaw Damper OFF

  • Fuel Pumps ALL OFF

  • Cab Util and IFE Pass OFF

  • Emergency Lights OFF

  • Seatbelt OFF

  • Smoking OFF

  • Window Heat OFF

  • Electric Pumps OFF

  • Trim air OFF

  • Both Pack UP

  • Bleed OFF

  • Position, Logo, Anti Collision OFF


You can reach this important plug-in here.

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