The new Cincinnati by Skyline

Some exclusive shots of the new work by Skyline simulations, another great and historical airport brought to X-Plane and P3D with the usual Skyline’s quality

Cincinnati is finally a reality as Skyline simulations released the scenery that is available for $27.90 here. This is an important price for a scenery, considered that most of the users I know personally never spend more than 20 bucks for airports. But quality and hard work have to be paid both in real life and flight simulations.

There’s no need of introducing the developer, it’s famous enough after many great works such as Valencia, Manchester, KSNA John Wayne, Montego Bay and many more, some published as ICARUS, some as Skyline simulations.
It’s also known that they work with ORBX on the conversion of various sceneries from P3D to X-Plane, platforms that the team leaded by Chris Vezirgiannis always understood well, satisfying the respective users.

Let’s talk about KCVG.
The scenery, once downloaded, it’s very scary due to the massive quantity of data stored in an archive of more than 4 gigabytes. That informations alone let’s you know the potentiality of this airport even before installing it into your custom scenery folder.
That dimesions where, after all, expected by just having a look to the wonderful pics Skyline published some time ago and kept on publishing during the pre-release period.

The scenery comes with:

  • Complete HD ortho tiles
  • World Trafic V3 stuffs to ensure compatibilty
  • Very rich documentation with ground maps
  • Custom textures simulating oil effect


As you can see the quality is truly outstanding, and the performance were not affected as much as expected, and I know how the developers care about optimization that allows to add some more details in order to give a more realistic aspect to any add-on.

Some of you may know that I love flying through Europe, and maybe many of you too. Nowadays the X-Plane market is offering us some really valid reasons to start our personal route network on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. And KCVG, for sure as you saw in my pics, is one of those.

Stay tuned now because as the blog is fully operative again, maybe we’ll (exclusively) fly to a very hot and dusty place very soon…

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