Skyline’s KCVG is getting alive

Every minutes gets us closer to Cincinnati release. Let’s discover this particular and really well done scenery by Skiline Simulations

Well, writing an important post after many hours of study isn’t easy, but someone must do it!

As you know I toke a break from the blog since this is the hardest period of my student life by now. Nevertheless I couldn’t ignore the imminent release of Cincinnati by Skyline simulations.

My friendship with the developers of Skyline is well-known, but believe me or not, for the pilots who fly in North America this is a scenery you can’t live without.

As every top level developer Skyline studied very well the history of the airport, portraying a realistic enviroment of terminals 1 and 2.

As you can see the terminal 1 feautures only one of seven original jetways that were dismissed back in 2007 following the cargo conversion of this area. Also the second terminal had a similar destiny, and Skyline still makes use of detailed ground objects in order to represent the real situation as realistic as possible.

As always, the ground textures developed by the former Icarus simulation are masterpieces. Take a closer look to this pic that was published some time ago.

Overall the scenery is looking really well done, and I have no doubts the performance will be good as in every Skyline scenery.

I know many of my readers use also Prepar 3D, don’t worry, you can fly your beloved PMDG’s aircraft to Skyline’s Cincinnati as well. Indeed the airport is developed for both platforms, and this is an aspect many developers should learn from Skyline…

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