Aereum: Did you get your pay today?

Did you ever think you can earn money for your simulated flights? It’s hard to imagine, but it’s becoming reality thanks to Giovanni Rugolo and his “Aereum”

Aereum is going to be soon a revolution in flight simulation market. Indeed only a fool could wish to pay virtual pilots for their hours earned on Vatsim/IVAO. And here comes Giovanni Rugolo (yes, we italian are the fool you were looking for) and his project based on cryptocurrencies, a spreading and well known phenomenon.

Aereum gives you the opportunity to earn a cryptocurrency (Ethereum) that can be used to buy add-ons for the developers who are joining the circuit and to buy the services provided to Virtual Pilots (such as training, briefings and more. Of course you cannot use it to buy chips at the supermarket, never say never.

You really don’t need much to get started, only an email, a Virtual Airways* that is active on IVAO/Vatsim and Aereum, a network account and a wallet to collect your pays. You can ask for official support on discord in order to know more about wallet configuration. As soon as we can do it, we’ll also provide a tutorial. In order to keep your wallet active be sure you ave at least 0.01 Ethereum. By donating 15€ to the organization you’ll earn 3 Ethereum to use.

Even if probably you did not hear about it, this network is growing day by day form the 1st of April and appears to be one of the best gamechangers in flight simming. So, what are you waiting for? Join Aereum now!

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