Navigraph released A320 FlightFactor AIRACs

Now all Navigraph subscribers can update their FlightFactor’s A320 AIRACs without thinking about purchasing Aerosoft’s.

It’s about time to smile, for all the Navigraph and FlightFactor’s A320 users since the AIRAC provider released a compatible cycle for the Airbus.

As I wrote in my short tutorial about AIRAC installation I use Aerosoft’s so I couldn’t predict when the plane could be fully supported by both Aerosoft and Navigraph, but the moment has come.

After many development hours, and many hours in testing, we are proud to announce the release of FMS Data for the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate for X-Plane. The FMS Data Manager will automatically detect the addon and update the dataset. Press the “Scan” button under the “Addon Mappings” interface. Don’t have the manager? Get it here: Link

As you can read from Navigraph official sources it’s adviced to have the AIRAC manager installed as it’s easier to install new updates without extracting every package manually (that can lead easily to installation mistakes). Please, be aware of what you are installing, as the files name must suit with FlightFactor’s ones. But, again, you can find more information on my old tutorial.

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