Youtubers you must know if you fly X-Plane (and you want to be a real pilot)

A useful list to know who to follow on YouTube if you use X-Plane and you would like to become a real pilot when you grow up.

Every virtual pilot once in his life payed attention to at least some dozen of YouTube videos teaching something you had to understand, I remember my difficulties in understanding ILS approaches a lot of time ago.

As in everything in life there are good YouTubers and bad ones, I’ll try to list you the best youtubers to follow if you fly X-Plane and you want to become a pilot when you grow up, like me. Pay attention, it’s a list, not a chart.

  • Wycliffe Barrett: X-Plane Dedicated boss is on the scene since years now, and He isn’t tired yet! It’s good to stare at some of his videos if you mainly look for new products reviews and VLOGS, well known for it’s excellent care of X-Plane users He’s a good facebook Group admin and developer (if it wasn’t enough)

  • Osama Abdullah: Q8 Pilot is one of the most subscribed and rated X-Plane related YouTube channels. His english is simple to understand and it completes his fantastic video skills and dedication. He also cares a lot about the faithful representation of real procedures, as far as possible in brief videos.

  • Catstrator: He’s the type of Youtube you look for when you want to know how a new aircraft  flies. Good quality videos and pilot skills with a consistent humor, for sure you’ll never be bored.

  • JAC FLYER: nothing more to say, really the best YouTuber for Spanish users! If you are not fluent in Spanish as me, give it a go anyway!

  • I mention also JonFly and 63DegreesRight. I don’t attend their channel too much, but they are very well rated by the community. I promise I’ll dedicate more time to your channels as soon as possible.

These YouTubers are actually the best on the network. Of course I forgot someone but these ones are enough to teach you what you’d like to know regarding X-Plane.

The following two YouTubers are useful if you want to become a real pilot and you can learn a lot of things to refine your flying skills in X-Plane.

  • Captain Joe: “So, let’s get started!” once you hear that you cannot stop saying that. I’ve not been following him for a long time but I’ve seen almost all his videos. He’s extremely talented in explaining complicated things I learnt studying a lot with ten simple words. Definitely the kind of instructor I’d like in front of me next year.

  • Mentour Pilot: “I hope you’re doing absolutely fantastic” at least he is faithful in happy days! :). I find him incredibly good in explaining any kind of curiosity, from “How an aircraft flies” to “Why you board by the left side of the plane”. He’s more active on social networks than the colleague Joe and it’s not rare to see my private Instagram profile commenting his posts. With a warm voice and a giant knowledge is quite a good mate for your bored afternoons. And I hope a good pilot too! 😉 As far as I know he flies for Ryanair, I should start turning my head up waiting for him to land in Ciampino.


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