ToLiss A319: first impressions

ToLiss A319 represents a good promise, but still far from FF A320. The choice to save 20$ is not right since you won’t get a study level aircraft, neither a great eye-candy

The best competitor for the A320 by FlightFactor is finally out, but not everyone is satisfied. ToLiss A319 is still a bit far to be considered study level, but it’s really well optimized to run smoothly on every machine.

Textures are quite poor in the cockpit, and for sure the first impact won’t leave you wordless. But the X-Plane community is always active and provided an ehnancement that, anyway, cannot solve the problem completely. I remember a long and exausting debate about the cockpit color for FF A320, it seemed useless to me but I believe that ToLiss didn’t hit the point with texture colors at all. 1 point for FF A320.

On the other hand the external model is pretty well modeled and texturized, and the ground services looks absolutely fantastic to me. That’s pretty good if you look for immersion (and quality shots) and you don’t want a missile launcher as FF’s fuel truck in the middle of the scene. 1 point for ToLiss.

Systems simulation is not a fair battle between these two masterpieces, ToLiss flight dynamics feels like no FBW at all, and some systems are not simulated properly, but ToLiss is cheaper, and that’s one of the reasons. 1 point for FlightFactor that provides a great systems depth.

The A319 is brought with two engine options: CFM and IAE. This is the missing feature on the A320. Even though, if you look closer, you’ll see that actually the CFM on A319 looks unrealistic and deserves some refinement and remodeling, not a big deal after all. I’d like to have two engine option on the 320, and I’ll give this point to ToLiss even if the CFM messes up the eye-candy they promised.

Sounds are the weakness of both the aircrafts with no doubt. BSS is developing a sound pack for FF A320 at the moment, and that’s why this point is for FlighFactor. Basically their sounds are a bit more realistic, and with the new sound pack we’ll get a whole different experience.

The plugin implementation is great on both aircrafts. I find the FlightFactor’s EFB really well modeled and I can use it on any connected device, from phone to laptop. It can seem a marginal feauture, but it’s too confortable and actually feels more realistic. So it’s 3-2 to FlightFactor!

As many of my X-Plane friends know, I don’t really like FlightFactor, but actually the Threetwenty is the best Airbus you can get. Ok, we agree that Toliss is 20$ cheaper, but it actually have consistent bugs (not experienced on my side, but reported on different forums and communities I attend) and the eye-candy is way worse than the one I’d expect compared to the A320, I’d have waited two, three or four months more to get a better aircraft.

The ToLiss is a good promise, it has a lot of potential. I’d compare it to the evolution of Rotate’s MD80 slowly becoming one of the best aircraft in X-Plane, but actually I’d spend 20$ more to get a study level, not a middle ground between JAR and FF.

Actually my impressions is that both Flightfactor and ToLiss speeded up the development to release before the other. This lead to the underratement of important aspect that will be implemented in the future versions. FF is some steps above ToLiss, but none of them is a finished product.

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