How to: update A320 FlightFactor AIRAC

The A320 by FlightFactor is a very advanced plane, also in airac updating and installation. This How To post is made to teach the AIRAC updating that seems to be not very understandable by the pilots. I advice you to always read manuals.


  1. The first step is to run your AIRAC regardless of wether Aerosoft or Navigraph. Once you are there install the A320 Airac on your desktop.
  2. You’ll get a “FlighFactorA320” folder. Open it and open the “data” subfolder.                                                     
  3. Now rename the “nav.db” file in “nav1.db” and put it on your “data” folder of the aircraft directory.

You’re done. Next month just rename the “nav1.db” file you’ve created today in “nav2.db”, to get a better backup, and repeat the process. You can overwrite the older files or mantain them as you like.

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