5 Questions to: Chris Vezirgiannis from Skyline Sim.

The second date with ‘5 Question to’ format sees Chris Vezirgiannis from Skyline Sim. as the main character of a very interesting interview.

It’s not a mistery. I know Chris, and I always admired and enjoied his availability and professionalism. I can say He’s also a good partner if you’re looking for a friendly chat on Skype, but this clearly doesn’t regard flight simulations. Does it?

Chris is the second interviewd by this blog, and the feedback I received for the first ‘5 Question to’ convinced me it’s not the last, and not the least of course! He was firstly part of ICARUS simulations, but not involved so much into aircraft development. He does magic in scenery development! Now the company name changed, but the wonders are still the same. So, let’s get started!

What’s your next project after your divorce with X-Aviation after KSNA?

The word divorce is sound’s bad. Skyline is always open to XAviation if the want to work with us. Our next imminent releases is Jamaica conversion of LatinVFR and redesign by us, and the amazing KCVG (Cincinnati)! Also don’t forget that we design for P3D as well!

EGGC is maybe your most famous scenery, do you want to take O’Hare to the same level Even if it’s a very difficult airport?

Indeed the EGCC is one of the best sceneries out there, but despite the long time waiting for O’Hare, this airport should be just AMAZING!

We know O’Hare was started when you were part of ICARUS simulations. Will it be the very last scenery started by ICARUS?

As you know the Icarus is operated normally. Just the name has changed. Our team are professionals and working hard for the best result.

Well, Chris, I remember you’re update about O’Hare when signing the partnership agreement with X-Italy Airlines. That was called “ICARUS’ O’Hare”. So, for my romantic spirit, this should be the last and biggest scenery started with ICARUS name. But that’s true only in my head! Now it’s time to discover more about their cooperation with ORBX.

How did you met ORBX, and, if I can ask, what’s your expectancies for this cooperation?

Skyline is one of the best and fast grow company  out there. We cooperate with best companies, like Latinwings. Our conversions meets high quality standards! Our expectations are keep this amazing ORBX quality at high levels, using few skyline tips. Also we expect Skyline and  Orbx on  good and smooth cooperation together. We met Orbx through one member of skyline, we spoke with the right people and we established the connection. In addition we will reveal the product shortly.

The same question we did to Vittorio Greco. Have you got some advice for Aviotek for their cooperation with ORBX?

We are happy for Aviotek! We wish all the best! If Vittorio need any help, I’m here to stand next to him.

Well, both development house have their own forces, no doubt they’ll soon make X-Plane 11 a better place, and even more beautiful to see!


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